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Think all shea butter products are the same? Think again! In nature, there are two varieties of shea tree: the common vitellaria paradoxa of West Africa and the rare vitellaria nilotica of East Africa. The nuts from both trees can be used to make shea butter, but there's no comparison between the finished products. Richer in nutrients and far more luxurious, nilotica shea butter is a truly exotic, pampering treatment for the hair and skin. - Slice of Nature was the first to bring East African shea butter to Amazon by developing exclusive fair trade agreements with growers in Uganda and South Sudan. Our rare African shea butter has been such a success that competitors have popped up all over claiming to sell the same formula. But don't be fooled--if you want a truly natural shea butter raw, unrefined and pure, Slice of Nature is the only East African shea butter for you! Our raw shea butter is so pure and eco friendly that it carries USDA organic certification, so you can buy with confidence. You can use our pampering shea butter in so many ways, including as a: - HAIR CONDITIONER. Apply shea butter for hair strengthening and hydrating. Perfect for sealing ends and addressing styling damage. - SCALP TREATMENT. Soothe symptoms of scalp psoriasis, eczema and dryness. - FACIAL MOISTURIZER. When used as a shea butter lotion for the face, Slice of Nature softens and nourishes without clogging the pores. Diminishes signs of aging and boosts radiance. - HAND TREATMENT. Soften cuticles, protect the skin and soothe irritation by using as a shea butter hand cream. - STRETCH MARK TREATMENT. Firm, tone and smooth skin by massaging with our shea body butter.

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PURE, RAW AND UNREFINED When it comes to shea butter raw is best! That's why Slice of Nature doesn't modify, manipulate or process our shea butter in any way. We start with certified organic shea that is ethically sourced and keep it that way by never adding preservatives, chemicals, fragrances or any other additives! Cruelty-free, sulfate-free and gluten-free, too! THE BEST RAW SHEA BUTTER Not all shea butter is the same! East African shea butter or nilotica shea butter is softer and more nutrient-rich than traditional African shea butter from the vitellaria paradoxa shea plant. It's so rare that only 1% of all products on the market contain it--but Slice of Nature does! You've never experienced the full benefits of shea butter if you've never tried nilotica before! HYDRATE, SOFTEN & SOOTHE SKIN ALL OVER Use as a shea butter lotion for your face to moisturize without clogging your pores. Try it as a shea butter hand cream to soften your cuticles and soothe chapping. Slather it on as a shea body butter for moisturizing, soothing sunburn and promoting skin healing MOISTURIZE & SEAL HAIR Use Slice of Nature as a shea butter for hair to keep ends in the best of health and for deep conditioning treatments. Great for African American natural hairstyles, scalp eczema & psoriasis and hair plagued by styling damage THE ORIGINAL NILOTICA SHEA BUTTER Slice of Nature was the first to bring this luxurious East African shea butter to the market! Our shea butter unrefined, all-natural product is often copied, but never fully duplicated. Don't settle for anything less than the real thing! If it's Slice of Nature African shea butter, you know you're getting 100% genuine nilotica shea butter! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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